#1 Pickling and Preserving

With more time and attention dedicated to home harvesting throughout 2020, pickling and preserving is only becoming more prominent in the New Year. From cabbages to cucumbers, put those used mason jars back in action, and reinvent your home grows for a later date.

#2 Tofu’s Back.

Once labelled the insipid meat alternative, tofu has finally been recognised for its endless culinary possibilities, and this year it’s back on the menu.

We love it sweet and spicy, pan fried with chilli and ginger – but tofu can also be enjoyed crumbled into Mexican tacos with a zesty lime and fresh coriander dressing, or even as a mean scrambled egg alternative for those lazy Sundays.

#3 Stacked Breakfast Charcuterie Boards.

Following nine months of staggered lockdowns, there has been a justified call for beautifully presented delicacies from the comfort of one’s own home.

Charcuterie boards are traditionally associated with meat and cheese deli platters but have recently become a popular means of presenting breakfast spreads, so pile on the stacked pancakes and fresh fruit and tuck into the breakfast of champions, renaissance style.

#4 Turning Down the Heat with Slow Cooking.

What better way to spend your newfound spare time than to turn the heat down and let a warming winter casserole bubble away for an afternoon?

For those into their quality produce, 2021 is all about sous vide steaks, slow roasts and hearty hotpots, so dedicate some spare time to slow cooking and make the wait worthwhile. Savour every tender mouthful.

 #5 Spice Up Your Rice – Jollof Rice.

Nigerian cuisine is a culinary trend set to take this year by storm; think cumin, coriander and scotch bonnets.

Jollof Rice is the West African staple leading the line for this deserved gastronomic come-up, expect this smoky side to start appearing on menus just about everywhere. Serve up your Jollof with a couple of sirloin suya skewers for a truly authentic plate.