When you know, you know. It’s that time when it all just comes together: the delicious harmony of killer ingredients, combined in a heavenly fix of taste, texture and flavour. All cooked to perfection – by you.

We’re looking for chefs, cooks, caterers and food stylists, to join our #ProwrapPros community. You could be gunning for a Michelin star, creating street food at a food festival, or cooking up wholesome, hearty treats in a café. No matter. All that matters, is you love everything about creating incredible food as much we do. (And get a proper kick out of seeing those empty plates come back.)

It’s how we roll

Sure, you need the vision (you have), but you also need the tools (we hope you have).

The Prowrap range of fillms, foils, parchments and Speedwrap dispensers have your back, and is always with you through the triumphs and tribulations of every service. So whether it’s sublime sous-vide, perfect piping or you’re a master of your mise en place, Prowrap products are robust, reliable and always ready to roll.

Join #ProwrapPros

Get involved on social using the hashtag #prowrappros and tag us using @prowrapofficial to show us what you’re creating with Prowrap dispensers, films, foils and parchments. We can’t wait to see what’s cooking. Follow us on @prowrapofficial to stay ahead of pro-to-pro posts.

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