If you can tell your crème brûlée from your crema catalana, or your kobe from your wagyu – then take a seat, because you’re in the right place. We’re reaching out to the UK’s top chefs to trial our new range of kitchen equipment in the professional food service space. Honest, expert feedback is all that we ask for in exchange.

Our goal is simple and is one that we share with every forward-thinking professional in the kitchen; we want to reduce the time spent on food preparation, minimise global food waste, prioritise kitchen hygiene and increase sustainability in professional food service.

Keeping it clean.

As hospitality finally re-emerges from a post-pandemic world, hygiene has never been so important. We’ve learnt that, despite easing in government regulations, the majority of consumers are approaching the return to eating-out with unsurprising caution. Now more than ever, keeping your workspace in pristine condition needs to be at the top of your checklist.


Dealing with numbers.

Everyone misses eating out. Which is why it comes as no surprise that the past few weeks have seen an influx of table bookings, albeit dining al-fresco, for the coming weeks. Our products are designed to stand by you in the all-important preparation window prior to service, to make sure you never miss the mark with timings.


Cut the waste.

We’re living in a period of environmental change. It is vital that we incorporate sustainable practices into our daily routines in order to reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet. In hospitality, this means that we need to be vigilant about what we’re throwing out. One third of the world’s food currently goes to waste, contributing to 10% of the world’s greenhouse emissions. The solution to reducing this figure couldn’t be simpler, let’s stop disposing of perfectly edible ingredients and breathe new life into them.


What are we offering?

We’re sending out complimentary Prowrap NPD (new product development) equipment for kitchen maestros to use in their professional sphere. Once you receive the products, a member of our team will check in via email to hear your thoughts and suggestions. This will drive our product development for the next generation of kitchen service equipment in the professional food service industry.

If you’re in, then contact us and we’ll be in touch.

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