Prowrap has revealed its new range of Speedwrap Pro® dispensers is protected by BioCote® antimicrobial technology, a partnership that signals the food wrapping expert’s focus on supporting its catering customer base. 

The Speedwrap Pro 300 and Speedwrap Pro 450 dispensers are one-press cutting machines that dispense even lengths of cling film, foil, and parchment with a single press on the lid. As the only HACCP International certified antimicrobial technology supplier, BioCote’s unique technology ensures the surface of the dispensers can inhibit microbial growth by up to 99.99%. 

The technology, which discourages the growth of bacteria, mould spores, and other microbes on the surface of each dispenser, further increases the overall efficiency of the Speedwrap range by simplifying and supporting regular cleaning routines. 

Bryony Barlow, Commercial Director at Prowrap, said, “We’re committed to supporting our customers in making their kitchens run more efficiently. Every aspect of the Speedwrap Pro was designed with speed and efficiency in mind – and that goes far beyond cutting and dispensing. 

“Hygiene is absolutely mission-critical for every kitchen, and our innovation team has worked hard to ensure the Speedwrap Pro range is quick and easy to keep clean, enabling kitchen staff to focus on what they do best.” 

The Speedwrap Pro dispensers were unveiled at the 2024 International Salon Culinaire competition in April, where it was met with a glowing response from some of the best chefs working in the industry today. 

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