Meet the people whose combined skills and expertise, make Prowrap one of the leading UK manufacturers. We’re always looking for like-minded people to join us, so get in touch and tell us what you could bring to the team.


Wrapex Member 005

Julie Davis
Senior Sales Administrator

Wrapex Member 6

Vicki Stabb
Sales Administrator


Vicki Mapston
Sales Administrator

Wrapex Member 006

Barbara Broughton
Sales Administrator

Wrapex Member 3

David Pope
Logistics Manager

Wrapex Member 4

Paul Killick
Systems Manager

Wrapex Member 003

Kristina Osvath
Supply Chain Administrator

Wrapex Member 5

Katarzyna Zawadzka
Quality Assurance

Wrapex Member 7

Ross Langridge
Production Engineer

Wrapex Member 9

Donatas Kochanskas
Team Leader

Wrapex Member 002

Janet Button
Financial Controller


Angela Clements
Assistant Accountant

Wrapex Member 11

Valerie Hucker
Assistant Accountant

Emilie Luscombe
Social Media Executive

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