Cling film – without the waste

Introducing the newest addition to the Prowrap range – our fully recyclable ecocling. Designed to meet the needs of professional caterers, extend the shelf life of food, and reduce waste, ecocling pairs perfectly with our Speedwrap dispensers for the smoothest unwinding. Trial today and discover how you can make the world a little bit greener, one roll of ecocling at a time.

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Award Winning

Eco Cling has been awarded product innovation award at the Food Packaging Association (FPA) awards. The award was voted by an independent panel of judges from Waitrose, Deliveroo, Pret and Ocado, all of which recognised the great benefits and product performance of Eco cling.

Fully recyclable cling film

Looking to reduce waste and your environmental impact? Ecocling can help. As used for catering at COP26, ecocling is a PVC-free cling film that can be fully recycled to support the circular economy. Keep your ingredients fresh while being kinder to the planet.

High performance, low footprint

With the same stretchability, cutting capability and durability as traditional cling film, ecocling is the leading high performance, recyclable cling film on the market. Its multi-layer structure and high-gloss finish make for a strong cling performance and smooth unwinding.

100% compatible with Speedwrap dispensers

Ecocling was designed to pair perfectly with our compact Speedwrap dispensers for hygienic and efficient cutting at a single press. Used together, ecocling and Speedwrap can help you reduce your waste, prevent cross-contamination, and save precious time in the kitchen.

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