Speedwrap 300 eco refill multipack

Speedwrap 300mm X 200m Ecocling Film Dispenser Refill


Ecocling is the newest addition to our Prowrap range – fully recyclable, with the same stretchability, cutting capability and durability as our professional cling film. Intended to meet the needs of professional caterers, ecocling can help you keep ingredients fresh and workspaces safe. Reduce both your waste and your environmental impact – one roll at a time.

Ecocling 300mm refills are fully compatible with our Speedwrap 300 dispenser, which offers a simple way to store and unwind our cling film.

Speedwrap 300 cuts cling film and foil with a single press. Robust and dishwasher-safe, it is simple to load and easy to use, designed to protect your refill rolls in busy kitchens.

ecocling films

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