Are you a fan of the Olympics? If you are, you’ll likely have known all about the tremendous success Team GB has had in cycling events, finishing top of the cycling medals table at every event since 2008. 

If you’re not, you might be wondering what it could possibly have to do with your foodservice operation. On the face of it, professional sports and foodservice don’t have much in common. But the success of Team GB cycling didn’t just happen, it was the result of a process that instilled a particular mindset into every member of the team. And, by applying that same process to every aspect of your kitchen operations, you too can ensure your foodservice business takes the gold after every shift. 

Marginal gains in your kitchen 

The ‘aggregation of marginal gains’ concept was developed by the then-Performance Director of Team GB, Dave Brailsford. In short, this theory argues that small improvements made to every aspect of a team’s operation are more effective than big, sweeping changes.  

Look at any common kitchen KPI, whether that’s your average preparation time, amount of food wasted per shift, or customer satisfaction scores. Improving any of them by 100% is a tall order – but improving 100 things by 1% each will have the same overall impact on your business and is much more achievable. 

These marginal gains can cover everything from your hand washing routine to your food wrapping system to the way the pans are laid out on your shelves. Individually, making them 1% more efficient might not seem to make much difference, but taken alongside a bunch of other 1% improvements, they can add up quickly to create a faster, safer, and more profitable kitchen. 

Gearing up for change 

So how can you go about making these marginal gains in your kitchen? Part of it relies on getting ‘buy-in’ from your staff, which can be easier said than done in this era of high staff turnover and labour shortages. 

A safer bet is to invest in equipment that enables all staff, regardless of their experience level, to make the most out of it. And, even better, think about how that equipment can support multiple aspects of a kitchen’s operation. 

For example, when looking at our complete wrapping dispenser solution Speedwrap Pro®, it’s easy to see it in action once in a video or at a trade show and think of it as a nice-to-have, but not an essential. A luxury, perhaps. But this is ignoring the hundreds of marginal gains that a Speedwrap Pro can earn you that can add up to make all the difference to your day-to-day operations. 

Saving time and money in all areas of the kitchen 

For one, it’ll save you a little more of the one thing we all need more of: time. Each time you use the dispenser, it saves you a few seconds of fumbling around with a roll of cling film or foil. In a fast-paced kitchen environment where every second counts, these saved seconds can add up to give your staff breathing room in other areas. 

That’s not all. The Speedwrap Pro features a patented safety blade that only unsheathes once the lid has been fully pressed. This makes it impossible to accidentally cut yourself, even if using it one-handed, reducing the risk of lost time accidents occurring. 

And, because it’s so simple to use, it enables kitchen managers to train new staff easily, so everyone works to the same standards when it comes to hygiene and food preservation. By enabling you to wrap food in the blink of an eye, this leaves staff with no reason to cut corners when things get hectic, so proper storage and segregation of fresh ingredients is easier. By reducing the risk of contamination, this also reduces the amount of food your kitchen wastes every shift, helping to protect margins at a time when most of the industry is finding them squeezed. 

Not only that, but the BioCote-powered antimicrobial technology built into the body of the dispenser inhibits the spread of potentially harmful microbes, making it easy to clean thoroughly with a simple wipe down. That’s a few more precious seconds saved in your day-to-day hygiene routine. 

All of these marginal gains – a few seconds here, and a few pennies there – will add up to make a huge difference over the course of a year. In reality, the marginal gains offered by Speedwrap Pro are nothing of the sort – they can be absolutely massive and make a real difference to your bottom line. 

If you want to make every second count in your kitchen, click here to learn more about our new Speedwrap Pro range of dispensers and compatible films, foils, and parchment.